Mehravand is manufacturer of polyethlene pipes (HDPE-LDPE) and Drip irrigation pipes and Drip tapes


Mehravand Mashhad Company

Mehravand Company is manufacturer of polyethylenepipes and LDPE (Low density Polyethylene pipes) and drip irrigation tapes Drip tapes

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Mehravand Accreditation Laboratory

Mehravand Laboratory of Mashhad has one of the most equipped polyethylene pipe testing laboratories in Iran, which has a license from Acrodite Laboratory from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran – National Iranian Gas Company and also a 17025 certificate from Naci Iran.

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Why us?

Why Mehravand is the best company in the east of the country

Mehravand Mashhad Company, a manufacturer of polyethylene pipes and type tapes in the east of the country, has 25 years of production experience, various types of hard and soft polyethylene pipes from size 20 to 450 and type plates with plates, which have honors such as certificates. ISO9001 quality, certificate of application of the national standard mark of Iran, certificate of certification of the National Gas Company, lasting quality of Iran in 1394, 5-star quality certificate of Iran, receiving A rank from the Office of Modern Irrigation Systems of Jihad Keshavarzi Organization, receiving certificate of gas pipe production qualification Supplied by the National Iranian Gas Company, the license to use the standard incentive for the production of drip irrigation tapes, approval of water and soil management of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and ، Water supply, has an accreditation laboratory and highly professional laboratory services in the Iranian polymer industry

Some of our honors