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telecommunication polyethylene pipe

telecommunication polyethylene pipe

Telecommunication polyethylene pipes (PE) are made of polyethylene and are mainly used for transmission of telecommunication cables and optical fiber. These pipes have features such as flexibility, resistance to impact and breakage, resistance to different weather conditions. Mehravand Mashhad company is the producer of the best and highest quality polyethylene telecommunication pipe in Iran, excellent management, 25 years of experience has made us the best producer of polyethylene pipe in Iran, from polyethylene telecommunication pipes for power cable transmission projects. Transmission of telecommunication cables, fiber optics, cable transmission in the building and in general the telecommunications company is the most used consumer of these pipes.



Telecommunication polyethylene pipes are used under communication network structures. These tubes act as protection for the cables and protect them from external damage such as pressure, corrosion, UV rays and moisture. Also, telecommunication polyethylene pipes have the ability to carry a large number of cables and are used for telephone communications, internet, television and other communication systems.


Application of telecommunication polyethylene pipes

As we have said, the telecommunication company is one of the most used polyethylene cable pipe, because the cost of the cable is much higher than the polyethylene pipe.

When a cable is laid underground, it has the possibility of being rotted, chewed, cut, connected, etc., so it is quite reasonable to use polyethylene pipes for the cable sheath. Because these pipes are resistant to heat, rodents, breaking, etc. In general, these pipes are used for the transmission of urban and intercity electricity and telecommunication cables


What size and pressure are polyethylene telecommunication pipes available?

Telecommunication polyethylene pipes are produced from 3 to 25 bar pressure and in sizes from 16 to 315.

Purchase of telecommunication polyethylene pipes

Unfortunately, we do not have a standard for telecommunication polyethylene pipes, so you must consult with our consultants before buying so that you can make the right purchase.


The price of electricity polyethylene pipe

In fact, electrical polyethylene pipe is the same as telecommunication polyethylene pipe, and the main work of these pipes is to cover telecommunication and electricity cables. It was used to cover telecommunication pipes several years ago, but now it is also used to cover electrical pipes. .
The price of telecommunication polyethylene pipes

Unfortunately, due to the fluctuations of the market, the price of the pipes is not constant, also the dimensions of the pipe and the pressure have a direct effect on the price, so you should ask for the price of the pipe on the same day through WhatsApp or call number.

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