Mehravand is manufacturer of polyethlene pipes (HDPE-LDPE) and Drip irrigation pipes and Drip tapes


About Us

Mehravand Company entered the field of polymer industry in 2000 in order to produce polymer pipes and fittings using the experiences of its experienced engineers and personnel. The quality management system is ISO9001-2008. Now, after many years since its inception, with a firm belief in the principle of customer orientation and achieving the highest quality and quantity goals in the production of polyethylene pipes and customer satisfaction over the past years, we are proud to receive A rank from the Office of Modern Systems Irrigation of Jihad Agricultural Organization and the Association of Manufacturers of Polyethylene Pipes and having modern machinery and using the best raw materials and benefiting from experienced experts and specialists to offer our products.

Also, in 2015, this complex succeeded in operating the production line of irrigation tapes with license plates. The products of this production line are using the latest technology in the world and in accordance with the national standard of Iran No. 6775 and are approved by the Office of New Irrigation Systems of the Jihad Agricultural Organization.

Mehravand is one of the largest suppliers of polyethylene pipes in Khorasan province and the east of the country in the fields of pressurized irrigation networks and urban and industrial sewage networks. The company guarantees the quality of its products by insurance companies for ten years.

production unit

The company’s production lines using modern machines and in line with the latest technology in the world with 4 production lines, for the production of hard polyethylene (HDPE) pipes in the size of 20 to 450 mm and a line for the production of soft polyethylene pipes (LDPE) It is operating in the size of 16 to 32 mm. Production lines are equipped with Gravimetric systems to control the unit weight of pipe meters and Ultrasonic to control the diameter and thickness of the pipe.

Business unit

Mehravand Company’s business unit operates in both domestic and foreign sectors. The main goal of the business unit is to increase the satisfaction of its customers in order to maintain and attract and develop target markets.

The company’s business unit continuously monitors the explicit and implicit demands of customers through the launch of the CRM customer relationship management system and takes steps towards continuous improvement and effectiveness of the system.

The foreign trade sector operates in the field of export to CIS and Afghanistan and imports of various types of sealing and plate irrigation tapes from South Korea and machinery and spare parts required for the production line.

Honors of Mehravand Company
Grade A Jihad Agriculture
Top industrial brand in 1396
Sample unit of Khorasan Razavi General Office of Standards in 1391 and 1395
Badge responsible for sample quality control in 1390, 1391 and 1396
Iranian five star quality certificate
The lasting face of Iran’s quality in 1394
National Gas Company Certification Certificate
Consumer Rights Certificate in 1991
Certificate of partner laboratory of Khorasan Razavi General Office of Standards
Certificate of application of the national standard mark of Iran
ISO9001 quality certificate
Standard expert license
Approval of water and soil management of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture
Standard sample unit
Badge responsible for quality control in two consecutive years 90 and 91
Consumer Rights Certificate in 1991
Licensing standard incentive application for the production of drip irrigation strips
Received rank A from the Office of New Irrigation Systems of Jihad Agricultural Organization
Receive a certificate of competence to produce gas supply pipes from the National Iranian Gas Company
Top industrial brand in 1396

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Some of our honors