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Buy agricultural polyethylene pipe

Buy agricultural polyethylene pipe

The agricultural polyethylene pipe is a new generation of polyethylene pipes that are produced in different grades and types. These pipes are attracting more and more fans every day because of their many applications, controlling water consumption, preventing water wastage. Long life, lightness, easy installation, high strength, resistance to corrosion are only part of the advantage of this pipe.

In this article, from Mehravand company’s blog, we talk about agricultural polyethylene pipe and all its cases. If you have a question that was not mentioned here, you can ask your question in the comments section of this section, so that you will be answered as soon as possible. .


What is agricultural polyethylene pipe?

Agricultural polyethylene pipe is a pipe that is used in the agricultural industry, the raw material for the production of these pipes is no different from other pipes, and they also use the same standard. But tip tape and drip irrigation pipe are special for agriculture, if you have a garden, you should use drip irrigation pipe (these pipes have drippers installed on them), but we also have another type of pipe called tape tip, which is made of tape for Drip irrigation is used for crops such as wheat, barley, beets, corn, beans, etc., usually the same irrigation strips are used in most greenhouses.


Types of agricultural polyethylene pipes

Agricultural polyethylene pipes are generally divided into the following 2 categories.

1. Hard polyethylene pipe (HDPE) or PE100 and PE80
2. ldpe pipe (low density polyethylene pipe) or PE40

Hard polyethylene pipe is used for the general transfer of bulk water (urban and inter-urban, industrial, agricultural) and soft polyethylene pipe or irrigation tape is used for separating water or drip irrigation.
It should be mentioned that hard polyethylene pipes with very high density are produced, which are usually used for irrigation systems under pressure.

Application of polyethylene pipe in agriculture

The application of these pipes is very wide, here we mention only a few.

  • Use in fields
  • Use in the greenhouse
  • Use in the apartment for watering flowers
  • Watering for plants
  • Irrigation for gardens

Agricultural polyethylene pipe – Mehravand, Mashhad


Advantages of agricultural polyethylene pipe

  • Control of water resources
  • Easy pipe installation
  • High strength
  • Easy to carry compared to other tubes
  • The weight of the tube is low compared to other tubes
  • Resistant to sunlight
  • Resistant to corrosion and chewing
  • flexible

1. Reducing water waste:

Agricultural polyethylene pipes (high-pressure polyethylene pipes), due to their high gender and strong compressive strength, are able to carry water with less waste. Compared to old irrigation systems, which cause a lot of water evaporation and transpiration, agricultural polyethylene pipes are considered as an effective solution to reduce water waste in the irrigation process.

2. Maintaining water quality:

Agricultural polyethylene pipes are non-toxic and prevent the penetration of contaminated materials into water. This feature preserves the quality of water in the irrigation process and prevents the loss of agricultural products due to contaminated water.

3. The possibility of precise irrigation control:

By using agricultural polyethylene pipes, farmers are able to control the irrigation of their crops more precisely and effectively. These pipes can be easily connected to automatic irrigation systems and accurately adjust and control the amount of irrigation using sensors and controllers. This brings a significant improvement in the performance of agricultural products and saving water consumption.

4. High lifespan:

Agricultural polyethylene pipes are resistant to corrosion, rust and environmental effects. These features make these pipes have a long life and minimize the need for replacement and frequent repairs. This issue has a positive effect on reducing maintenance and repair costs, more productivity and profitability for farmers.


Agricultural polyethylene pipe standard

The pipes produced in Mehravand company are all of the standard of agricultural polyethylene pipes of Iran, ISO9001 quality certificate, certificate of use of the national standard mark of Iran, certificate of qualification of National Gas Company, lasting face of Iran’s quality in 2014, 5-star certificate of Iranian quality, received A rating from the Office of Modern Irrigation Systems of the Agricultural Jihad Organization, receiving a qualification certificate for the production of gas supply pipes from the National Gas Company of Iran, a permit for the use of incentive standards for the production of drip irrigation tapes, approval of water and soil management from the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, only a part of the standards And the honors of this company.

It should be noted that all pipes are insured by Mehravand company for 10 years.


Buy agricultural polyethylene pipe in Mashhad

I suggest that you should get free advice from our consultants and experts to buy agricultural polyethylene pipes so that you can make the best purchase.


Agricultural polyethylene pipe price

Unfortunately, due to market fluctuations, the price of polyethylene pipe for agriculture has not been fixed, also the dimensions of the pipe and the pressure have a direct effect on the price, so you should ask for the price of the pipe on the same day through WhatsApp or call number.
Our contact numbers: +985132221984+985132221884
It should be noted that the price of agricultural polyethylene pipes varies greatly depending on the type of request from Lowden to Hayden.

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