Soft polyethylene pipes (LDPE)

Soft polyethylene pipes (LDPE)


Today, due to the lack of water in the field of agriculture, drip irrigation technologies, the emergence of this new method of irrigation, significantly prevent excessive wastage of water. In fact, flood irrigation has disappeared and everyone will have to use the new irrigation system (pressure irrigation). Garden drip irrigation pipe or garden drip irrigation hose is made of soft polyethylene or (LDPE) pipes. The main consumption of these pipes is used for garden drip irrigation. In the Iranian market, these pipes are known as Loden pipe, drip irrigation hose, polyethylene drip irrigation pipe, polyethylene drip pipe, drip irrigation pipe, garden drip pipe, 16 mm polyethylene pipe.
It should be noted that the drip irrigation pipe is marketed as a dropper


What is the type of drip irrigation hose?

The material of the drip irrigation hose is polyethylene, or so called Loden pipe, which is the best material for preparing these pipes. In the standards of drip irrigation pipes, materials are used to make them resistant to sunlight, so that they are durable. .

It should be mentioned that Mehravand company produces all its pipes with new polyethylene or new materials, and also all the pipes of this company have grade A standard, which means the best type of pipe.


What is the size of drip irrigation pipes?

Drip irrigation pipes are produced in sizes from 16 to 32 mm, the most widely used size of these pipes is 16 to 20 mm, 16 mm is the most widely used and popular pipe among farmers, these pipes are famous among farmers. It is like garden drip pipes. These pipes are used to water garden trees.

جدول لوله لودن - آبیاری قطره ای جدول لوله لودن - آبیاری قطره ای

Loden pipe table – drip irrigation Loden pipe table – drip irrigation


What is the length of drip irrigation pipes?

The length of the drip irrigation pipe is different, so that each pipe ball is 50 to 400 meters according to the existing standards. You can also buy drip irrigation pipes by the meter.

The remarkable thing about drip polyethylene pipe is that the longer the pipe is, the more pressure drop you will experience, so be sure to consult with our consultants before buying so that you can buy the best pipe.


How much does a drip irrigation hose weigh?

In general, these pipes are light, but factors such as length and thickness affect the weight of the pipe. The weight of drip irrigation pipe balls is usually between 6 and 20 kg.

Soft polyethylene pipe – Mehravand, Mashhad

شلنگ آبیاری قطره ای - مهرآوند مشهد

What is the tolerable pressure of drip irrigation hoses?

According to the existing standards, garden drip irrigation pipes can withstand up to 4 bar pressure. These pipes are produced from low-density polymers, PE32 and PE40 grades with a special production line for LDPE pipes in diameters of 16 to 32 mm and working pressure of 2.5 to 6 atmospheres.


What is the difference between hard and soft polyethylene pipes?

Soft polyethylene pipe or garden drip pipe has all the properties of hard polyethylene or HDPE, the only difference is in the flexibility and dimensions of the pipe, soft polyethylene pipe is easily bent by hand, in fact one of the important advantages of this pipe. is that they are easily pierced with a dropper. And the use of this pipe is to irrigate garden trees, but the hard polyethylene pipe has a heavier weight and replaces metal pipes. These pipes are for transporting water with high pressure and volume.


Advantages of using garden drip pipe

The possibility of transferring liquid fertilizers and poisons along with water
Prevent soil erosion
No growth of weeds
Increasing the productivity of the land and increasing the yield
Increase in arable land


Features of 16 mm polyethylene pipe

Resistant to sunlight
Long pipe life
Quick and easy installation
Corrosion resistance due to chemical fertilizer, liquid or nitrate acids
Uses of garden drip irrigation hose

Agricultural irrigation, irrigation of garden trees, greenhouse irrigation, household irrigation, irrigation on sloping land


Household uses of drip irrigation hoses

These pipes are used in gardens, pots, houseplants, balconies, terraces, patios and green spaces of residential apartment complexes, fruit trees in the yard or open space of the villa.


Agricultural applications of drip irrigation hoses

These pipes are used in greenhouses, fruit gardens, pistachio gardens, all kinds of summer plants, decorative flowers, medicine.


Online shopping of drip polyethylene pipe

To buy drip garden hose online, you can send a message on the company’s WhatsApp or place your order by phone. In addition to buying, get pre-purchase advice from our sales experts. It should be noted that pipes can be purchased wholesale and retail.


A few tips before buying a garden drip irrigation pipe

Have a standard badge
Have the approval of the Deputy Minister of Water and Soil
The factory that produces it is valid

The best brand of drip irrigation pipe

We do not claim to be the best brand of drip irrigation pipe and polyethylene pipe, but 25 years of experience, loyal customers, statues and honors of 25 years prove that we are the best.


The price of drip pipe or the price of each meter of drip irrigation hose

Due to currency fluctuations in the country, the price of the garden drip pipe or the price of the drip irrigation hose or the price of the tree drip pipe, you can ask us the price of the drip irrigation hose on the same day by phone at 05132221884 – 05132221984, or you can Send a message on WhatsApp.

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