Hard and soft polyethylene pipe - Plaque tape or brigade

Irrigation Flat Tape

Irrigation Flat Tape


Advantages of using a plate irrigation tape
Having the same flow rate and very small difference in flow rate during the letters
Improve product performance
Product quality uniformity
Can be used on non-flat lands
Fertilizer distribution for crops that are drip irrigation type tape


QUEEN DRIP irrigation tape features
Manufactured with modern European technology
High anti-clogging resistance
The power of the droppers
Has a high coefficient of uniformity (CU) and uniformity of distribution (EU) (92% -96%)
Has a coefficient of variation of less than 3% in the drippers for uniform distribution of water in the irrigation strip
Can be used in 2 working seasons
Possibility to change the distance of the droppers from 10 to 120 cm
Production of 22 mm type to create uniform water supply capability in laterals with a length of more than 200 meters

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