Drip tape – flat irrigation tape

Drip tape – flat irrigation tape

Mehravand company is the first producer of Flat Drip tape in Iran.
These high quality Drip tape systems allow better control over the amount of water being applied, which means crops are healthier and less water is wasted And weed growth is prevented These tapes are made with different thickness, size and flow rate based on customer’s need


The plate-type farmer’s tape is one of the pressure irrigation equipments, which is usually used for row crops such as greenhouses, potato, corn, etc., plate-type tapes for surface and sub-surface (shallow) irrigation. (flat irrigation tape)) is used, each roll of tip tape usually starts from 1000 meters, unlike polyethylene pipes, the tip tape is very soft and completely flexible, tip tape is also known as farmer tip tape,Drip irrigation tape

Mehravand Mashhad company produces agricultural drip tape or QUEEN DRIP tape (flat irrigation tape) with two diameters of 16 and 22 mm using modern European technology and high-quality raw materials. Their thickness is from 15 to 200 microns, Mehravand company’s tape is one of the highest quality tapes available in the Iranian market, which has product quality approval from the Ministry of Water and Soil, Mechanization Center and the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad.


All kinds of farmer’s tapes in the Iranian market

Farmer brigade bands are generally divided into three categories

1. Sewn or seamed armpit tape

There is a seam tape or zigzag-shaped seam on its side

2. Strip with license plate

The tape type with a plate has a flat dropper.


It has a strip in the middle of the band.

In this section, we must write the specifications of the irrigation strip with a plate

flat irrigation tape with number plate – price of tape tape 1000 meters – Mehravand

flat irrigation tape


Uses of the flat irrigation tape

The green spaces of farms, greenhouses are suitable for growing peas, lentils, beans, mung beans, peas
It is perfect for growing grains such as wheat, barley and rice.

Suitable for summer and vegetable products such as potato, watermelon, onion, pumpkin, eggplant, cauliflower, lettuce, pepper, carrot, cucumber, eggplant.
or other plants such as sugar beet, cotton, sugarcane, soy, sunflower, corn, canola

Photo of brigade tape – brigade tape box – Mehravand

Types of soil types in the correct selection of the flat irrigation tape


10 and 20 cm strip sand or sandy soils
Normal soils of 20 to 30 cm
Heavy clay engineering soils of 30 to 40 cm


Some tips for farmers to choose the right agricultural tape

1. Farmers whose land has salt water should pay attention to the fact that salt water leads to the clogging of the openings of the tape.
2. Correctly meet the plant’s water needs
3. Do not run the plate tip tape on a slope above 2%, because its efficiency and uniformity will decrease.

4. The drip irrigation strip with plaque can be implemented at a depth of 5 to 15 cm.

5. 120 filtration system should be used.


Tape maintenance tips for farmers

1. During the implementation of the tape project, the tape should not be pulled on the ground because sharp objects and all kinds of thorns will cause holes in the tape.

2. After the fertilization operation, do not immediately cut off the water and let the water flow in the drip irrigation network for about 30 minutes so that the remaining toxins in the band are completely drained.

3. Continuously and periodically measure the pressure behind the dropper

4. In case of blockage, open the end of the pipe path and pour the appropriate acid for the washing operation

5. Be sure to keep the end of the track closed during installation

6. If the tip is damaged, use the interface for repair

7. After the installation process is finished, open the end of the letters and connect the current until the path is clear.

8. Avoid keeping irrigation tapes in an open space, especially exposed to sunlight for a long time.

9. In areas where the wind speed is high and causes the tape to move, you should fix the tapes with plastic nails at a suitable distance.

10. If the temperature of your ground changes a lot, the tape should be installed under the soil

11. If your land has a lot of hail during the season, it is better to use strips under the soil.

12. If the water in your area is salty, you should use a filter to prevent clogging of the joints of the faucet and dripper.


The advantages of using an agricultural irrigation tape

1. Easy and fast installation

2. Easy to carry the tape due to its light weight

3. The ability to install on the ground and under the ground

4. Great saving in water consumption and increasing the cultivated area

5. Increasing the exploitation of the product and preventing the spread and growth of weeds in the ground

6. Non-adhesion of algae and mineral deposits due to the special polymer material

7. Having the same discharge and the difference in the amount of water is very small along the laterans

8. Product quality uniformity

9. Increasing product performance

10. Can be used on uneven ground

QUEEN DRIP tapes usually start from 8/. liter to 2.6 liters per hour.

Features of agricultural tape (QUEEN DRIP) flat irrigation tape


Produced with modern European technology
High resistance against clogging of droppers (Anti Clogging)
The power of the droppers
It has a high uniformity coefficient (CU) and distribution uniformity (EU) (96-92%)
It has a coefficient of variation of less than 3% in the droppers for the uniformity of water distribution in the irrigation strip
Can be used in 2 working seasons
The possibility of changing the distance of the droppers from 10 to 120 cm
Production of 22 mm size tip to create uniform water supply in laterals with a length of more than 200 meters.

Photo of brigade tape – brigade tape box – Mehravand

A few points about the tapes of the agricultural brigade

1. Collect the tip tape at the end of the growing season
After the end of the operation period, the tip strips should be collected from the field surface so as not to pollute the field, these strips can be used for replanting.

2. Collect the tipi irrigation tapes that are under the soil dry
If you have used the tip tape under the soil, it is better to water the tape once so that the soil on the tape is moist and soft for the convenience of work and to avoid damage to the tapes.

Disadvantages of using agricultural tape

1. Preventing the tape from becoming angled

2. The need for high initial start-up costs

Plate type bar connections

Tip tape can be easily and with high diversity connected to your irrigation network, including these methods

1. Single to pipe connections 16
2. Connections of the brigade to Lee Flat

3. Type-to-type connections

Note: No washers or chemicals are required to connect the tape

Online purchase of tip tape or online purchase of irrigation flat drip tape

Today, you can buy the tip tape online, for this you can easily enter Mehravand Mashhad website at mehravand.com and place your order online. Please contact us, get advice and implementation before buying.

The price of 1000 meter tape and the price of each roll of agricultural tape

Mehravand company tapes are produced in sizes of 800 to 1000 meters, many people are looking for the price of 1000 meter tape or the price of drip irrigation tape, regardless of knowing that these tapes have different pressures and dimensions, which causes an increase or The price will be reduced. To choose the right tape, you can call the company’s numbers or send a message on WhatsApp
Purchase of agricultural brigade tape from Mehravand Mashhad company

Mehravand Mashhad company, which produces all kinds of hard (HDPE) and soft (LDPE) polyethylene pipes and nameplate type tape with European production quality, supplies its products to our dear country. Also, along with these, our consultants will be by your side to choose Correct and perform different types. It should be noted that all the pipes of this company have a 10-year warranty.

For this purpose, you can call 05132221884 and place your order in the easiest possible way.

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