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Gas polyethylene pipe

Gas polyethylene pipe


First produced in 1982, polyethylene gas pipes have many applications in the gas, oil and petrochemical industries, the most important of which is the use of polyethylene gas pipes to transport gas in very large volumes and intercity, perhaps the most important advantage Polyethylene gas pipes have a long resistance to heat (up to 95 degrees Celsius) and corrosion.

Mehravand Mashhad Company succeeded in entering the list of suppliers of the National Iranian Gas Company in November 2016, due to its grand goals. Who achieved another of his honors for serving the ancient land of Iran.

Due to the unique properties of polyethylene materials for use in gas pipes, these pipes are made of the finest PE100 paint and from 25 to 225 mm in diameter with SDR (11,13.6) according to the national standard IGS-M-PL -014-1 (2) International EN1555 Designed and produced in Mehravand Company, the company’s lines are equipped with ultrasonic devices that allow production personnel as well as quality control with complete and accurate control and supervision On the unit weight of production pipes as well as the diameter and thickness defined in the standard range of each type and each size of pipe to minimize the amount of error in the unit weight of pipe meters.

Polyethylene pipes for use in gas supply networks in accordance with IGS-MPL-014-01 (03) -EN1555 standards are produced by this company. And are used for 50 years of continuous work for gas supply purposes. These pipes are from 25 to 225 mm in size. The production lines of this company include the most modern machines in Europe, equipped with ultrasonic and gravimetric systems.

Warehousing, moving and transportation of polyethylene gas pipes in Mehravand Company is done according to standard (0) IGS-C-DN-006.

Branch tubes and rolls for packaging are based on this table:

Mehravand Mashhad Company is one of the best producers of polyethylene gas pipes in Mashhad:

Member of EP site of National Iranian Oil Company

Member of Vendor List of Iran Gas Company

Gas Standard Incentive Certificate No. 11233-1 and 2

Certificate of approval of the production companies from the National Gas Company

Types of use of gas-fired polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene gas pipes are used to transport natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane gas and domestic gas.

Advantages of using polyethylene gas pipes

Polyethylene pipes have many advantages, but we will discuss the important advantages here

1. Long pipe life

Polyethylene gas supply pipe has a lifespan of 50 to 100 years, which means a reduction in maintenance costs.

2. Resistant to corrosion and the effects of chemical and physical substances

Gas supply polyethylene pipes have a very high chemical resistance. They are very resistant to chemical compounds, rodents and alkaline fluids.

3. High flexibility of gas supply polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene gas supply pipes can be bent up to 25 times the diameter of the pipe, which in many cases does not require connection to change the angle of the pipeline. On the other hand, the flexibility of gas supply polyethylene pipes in seismic areas can be justified. Is.

4. Easy connection of polyethylene gas supply pipes

Polyethylene gas pipes are easily connected to each other. This is if other gas supply pipes are difficult to connect and usually have high leakage, this advantage is very important in the transmission of high pressure lines.

5. Affordable price compared to steel pipes

Low price of polyethylene gas pipes

6. Ability to squat gas polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene gas pipes can be squashed during the project if there is a defect

Disadvantages of gas-fired polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene pipes in general do not have special disadvantages, but here are a few of them

1. Gas polyethylene pipes may be damaged and scratched during transportation, which is why gas pipes have a special packaging.

2. Polyethylene pipes do not have anti-flammability properties and fire ignites quickly on the pipe during fire.

3. Pressure drop for a long time

Gas polyethylene fittings

In general, there are two types of connections

Electrofusion welding
Melt boiling lead
The advantage of electrofusion welds

1. High flexibility

2. Easy and fast connection

3. High strength against earthquakes and landslides

4. Resistance to corrosion and chemicals

5. 100% insulation

6. Electrofusion fittings made of PE100 and compression class 16 times and different sizes from size 20 to 250

Types of electrofusion connections
Tube to tube – Tube to knee – Tube to bubble
Melt boiling head to head

In welded joints, in head-to-head welding, in which a special connection called a coupler, which has an electrical resistance system, is used to generate the heat needed to melt the weld surface.

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