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Sale of polyethylene pipe for water supply

Sale of polyethylene pipe for water supply

Polyethylene pipe for water supply is one of the types of polyethylene pipes. As the name suggests, these pipes are used for urban and rural water transfer. This pipe is classified as hard polyethylene or high pressure polyethylene. , polyethylene pipes are always a good choice for use because of their unique features, we will introduce you the features of this pipe.


Types of water supply polyethylene pipes

Polyethylene water supply pipes play an important role in the transfer of urban and rural water supply networks. Mehravand company produces these pipes from diameter 20 to 450 and pressure 3.2 to 25 atmospheres (PE100, PE 80).


PE 80 pipes:

The first type of water supply pipes is PE 80, the diameter of these pipes is greater than PE100 and it is usually used for lands where tractors or heavy vehicles pass over the pipe, farmers usually place the pipes about 1 meter or more under the ground. If your land is a place where heavy vehicles travel, it is recommended to use this type of pipe, because they bear more weight on themselves.


PE100 pipes:

The second type of water supply pipes is PE100, the diameter of this pipe is smaller than PE 80, and when the diameter of the pipe decreases, the weight also decreases, as a result, the price decreases, but you must consider if your land is a place where heavy vehicles travel. And it is a tractor, do not use this pipe! In fact, PE100 pipes bear less weight than PE 80, so they don’t burst or break.


Advantages of polyethylene water supply pipe

Due to the many advantages of polyethylene pipe, the use of this pipe is increasing day by day, in the following we will mention the most important advantages.


Important advantages that can be mentioned:

Cheap and reasonable price, ease of installation, light weight, easy transportation, impact resistance, high resistance to sun rays, high mechanical and chemical resistance, resistance to corrosive substances, having safe and durable connections, variety in size. And thickness, high thermal resistance, resistant to freezing, resistant to fire, no leakage, water transfer in non-flat and sloping lands, all these advantages are only part of the advantages of this pipe.




Price and sale of agricultural water supply polyethylene pipe

The price and sale of polyethylene pipe for water supply varies according to the size and weight of the pipe, many people are looking for the price of polyethylene pipe for agricultural water supply, but in general, the final price depends on the diameter, primary material, pipe pressure, type, grade, cost. Shipping and… are calculated.




Tips on buying (selling) polyethylene pipes for water supply

1. Pay attention to the pipe pressure when buying
2. Pay attention to the standards of the manufacturing company
3. All pipes must be produced from high-quality raw materials


Mehravand company’s suggestion is to have a free consultation with our consultants before buying so that you can choose and buy the best pipe.

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