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Cultivation of sugar beet with tip band

Cultivation of sugar beet with tip band

In recent years, beet cultivation with tape technology has been used as a modern method for sugar production in countries such as America, Canada, Australia and Iran. This method has been accepted by farmers and producers as an alternative method for beet cultivation with traditional methods due to having many advantages, including reducing the cost and time of production and reducing environmental pollution, reducing the cost of pesticides, and increasing the amount of cultivation. In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of beetroot cultivation with tape, if you also want to cultivate beetroot with tape, don’t miss this article from Mehravand blog.


The advantages of beet cultivation with tip tape:

1- Reducing cost and production time:

The use of tape technology greatly reduces the cost and time of production. By using this method, farmers can cultivate more beets in less time and, as a result, reduce the cost of production. It should be mentioned that due to the less water consumption, more land will be cultivable compared to the traditional model.


2- High quality of beets:

Due to the reduction in the growth of weeds, you can harvest beets with better quality. The beets cultivated with tape are of the same size and do not fall in the factory, and this is due to the irrigation of a plant that has a tape with plates.


3- Reducing environmental pollution:

The use of band tape reduces the pollution of the environment due to the reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, by using this method, less water can be used for irrigation, which also saves water consumption.




Disadvantages: High cost

The cost of band tape for beet cultivation is higher than traditional methods. Every year, you have to pay the cost of tape and before the cost of tape, you must have a drip irrigation system.


What type of tape should be used for beet cultivation?

It is used for beet type 220 with 1.6 hydration.



Considering the advantages and disadvantages of beet cultivation with band tape, it seems that this method can be considered as an alternative method for beet cultivation with traditional methods. However, farmers should make appropriate decisions in this regard according to their conditions.

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