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Tomato cultivation with tape

Tomato cultivation with tape

Tomato, as one of the most widely used agricultural products around the world, is of special importance. Improvement of product quality and harvest is one of the main goals of farmers in this field. In this regard, new cultivation methods such as the use of band tape for tomato cultivation have been taken into consideration. In this article from Mehravand company’s blog, we will review and teach tomato cultivation with tip tape.


The advantages of tomato cultivation with tip tape

1. Reducing water consumption
2. Reducing the consumption of chemicals and fertilizers
3. Weed control
4. Better management of diseases and pests


Tips for optimal use of tape in tomato cultivation

In the following, we mentioned important points that can be very effective in planting tomatoes with tape


1. Check weather conditions

Before using tape measure in tomato cultivation, the weather conditions of the area should be checked. Tip tape usually needs regular irrigation, so sufficient water sources to supply irrigation water should be considered.


2. Irrigation management:

It is very useful to use band tape in order to reduce water consumption in tomato cultivation. But you need to get the duration of watering so that the soil has enough moisture (this is completely different depending on your region and land).


3. Use of fertilizer

The use of fertilizer can improve the growth of potato. Also, the root environment must be suitable for the plant to grow well.


4. Pest and disease control

A humid environment during the growing season can create suitable conditions for the growth of pests and diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor and control pests and diseases. Pest management and the use of anti-pest and anti-disease agents can help reduce and control pests and diseases.


The distance of planting tomatoes in drops

The distance between the tomatoes should be 20 cm apart, so the tape that you buy should be 20 cm apart.


Using tip tape as a new method in tomato cultivation can have many effects, such as increasing crop yield, ease of irrigation, reducing pests, reducing toxins, reducing weeds, etc.
Considering the advantages of band tape in tomato cultivation, we suggest that you implement this new system in your fields as soon as possible.

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