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Planting potatoes with tape

Planting potatoes with tape

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the methods of planting potatoes called planting potatoes with tape. This method is known as one of the best methods of planting potatoes due to its simplicity and efficiency in collecting and preserving water and protecting it from climate changes. In fact, one of the most effective cultivation methods in the world is potato cultivation with tape



Cultivation of potatoes with tape

One of the Advantages of using drip irrigation tape in potato planting is to reduce water consumption in agricultural land. By using this method, water penetrates the soil evenly and effectively, and water evaporation from the soil surface is greatly reduced.

Also, by planting potatoes with tape, you can improve the quality of the soil, so that you grow less weeds and the soil remains better, as a result, you will produce better quality products.



The stages of planting potatoes with tape

The first step in planting potatoes with tape is preparing the ground. To prepare the ground, first dig the ground deeply, and then prepare the ground for planting potatoes by pouring a little fertilizer and planting a tape.


After planting potatoes, the tip tape acts as a water absorber and soil moisture retainer. This method makes it possible to keep water better in hot and dry times and is suitable for better potato growth.


Finally, it is better to pay attention to the following points for more harvest

– Regular and accurate watering at the right times.
– Proper use of chemical fertilizers.


What are the advantages of planting potatoes with tape?

In the following, we will discuss the advantages of tape.


1. Reducing water loss

The use of tip tape in planting potatoes reduces water wastage and increases the efficiency of water consumption. Also, with the absorption of water by the tape, the evaporation of water from the soil and the ground is reduced, which helps to preserve the soil moisture and reduce water consumption.


2. Increase potato yield

The use of tip tape in planting potatoes increases the yield of potatoes. By supplying water to the potato roots and preventing water loss, the potato is placed in the right conditions and with sufficient moisture, and this increases the yield and improves the quality of the product.


3. Reducing costs

The use of tape in potato planting reduces costs. By reducing water consumption and optimal use of organic and chemical fertilizers, the costs of planting and maintaining potatoes are reduced. Also, by increasing the yield of potatoes, the income of farmers also increases.


4. Increasing the resistance of potatoes against diseases

The use of tape in planting potatoes increases the resistance of potatoes to diseases. By providing sufficient moisture and preventing water loss, potatoes are in a better condition to fight diseases.


5. Reducing the time and costs of withdrawal and collection

The use of tip tape in planting potatoes reduces the time and costs of harvesting and collecting. By providing sufficient moisture for potatoes, potatoes grow in the shortest possible time, which reduces the time and costs associated with harvesting and gathering.


6. Weed control

The use of tip tape in planting potatoes controls weeds. By using tape, the soil around the potatoes becomes less accessible to weeds, which controls them.


7. Preventing potato corrosion

The use of tape in planting potatoes prevents potato corrosion. By providing sufficient moisture to potatoes and preventing water loss, the risk of potato corrosion is reduced and the amount of the product is produced with a higher quality.


What type of tape is used for potatoes?

For potato cultivation, 175 micron tape at a distance of 30 cm with 1.6 or 150 micron at a distance of 30 cm with 1.6 drainage is used.



Due to the advantages of using tip tape in planting potatoes, this method is known as an effective and economical method in agriculture. By using this method, it is possible to obtain a higher yield of potatoes and also reduce production costs.
Therefore, considering the advantages of using tip tape in planting potatoes, this method can be introduced as an effective and economic method in agriculture. By planting potatoes using tape, it is possible to help improve the quality of products and reduce production costs.

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