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Barley cultivation with tape

Barley cultivation with tape

Irrigation of barley with tape measure, maybe you are one of the people who are looking for barley cultivation with tape measure and you have many questions on how this cultivation is done, what type should we buy? With what distance?, what should be the size of the bands? And for such questions, be sure to read this article from Mehravand‘s blog carefully, and if you have any questions, you can leave a comment in the comments section of this section (at the bottom of the page) so that we can answer your question.


Is it cost-effective to irrigate barley with tip tape?

Yes, it is completely cost-effective. In addition to reducing water consumption, the amount of seed is also reduced and more land can be cultivated.


The flexibility of the drip irrigation system

One of the features of drip irrigation with tip tape is that it can be cultivated in any weather and any land condition, on sloping land, high head, sloping land, etc.


How much does the irrigation of barley with tip tape help in water reduction?

Irrigation of the atmosphere with a tape measure consumes about 50% less water than the flooded state.


How much is the harvest of blue barley per hectare?

With this cultivation method, on average, about 7 and a half to 8 tons of barley can be harvested from each hectare. Meanwhile, about 3 to 4 tons can be harvested with the traditional and submerged system.


What should be the distance of the tape in the atmosphere?

The distance of the tape in the atmosphere varies depending on the type and texture of the soil, but about 95% of people use the tape of 175 microns with a distance of 30 to 20 cm.

Meanwhile, if you want to grow barley in the greenhouse, the distance between the drippers should be 10 cm.

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