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Cultivation of corn with band tip

Cultivation of corn with band tip

Today, we are going to talk to you about the cultivation of corn with a plate type strip and introduce you to the corn type strip, which type strip you should choose so that you can have a proper cultivation and get the most yield from your land. One very important thing, in this article we will also talk about the cultivation of fodder corn with tip tape. So continue with us in this article from the Mehravand blog so that you can buy a great headband.

How much should be the empty distance of the tractor track?

The empty distance of the tractor path should be between 150 and 200 cm.



In corn cultivation, how much should the distance between the bands be?

In the cultivation of corn with plaque-type strips, the distance between the strips should be 50 to 75 cm.


In corn cultivation, how much should be the distance between the tip tape and the apertures of the tip tape?

The distance between the drippers in the corn tape must be 10 cm.

How much water does corn need?

Corn irrigation varies depending on the type of soil and the climate of the region, but it is usually irrigated once every 15 days. The point is that the irrigation intervals should be short in the first 2 waterings.

Another point is that in areas where the rate of water evaporation is high, it is suggested to irrigate the land first, and after a few days, when the land is out of the mud and moist, planting should be started.

Another point is that the more the plant grows, the more the plant needs water, so don’t underestimate the plant’s water need.

Cultivation of corn with band tape – Mehravand


How should corn be fertilized?

Usually, chemical fertilizers contain elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus, etc., which are very useful for corn, but you should pay attention to the fact that the cultivated land and the amount of water consumed make the fertilization rate different, in some cases They irrigate areas with purified water, which does not need to be fertilized.

In some areas, animal manure is used to grow fodder corn with tape, which is very useful. Usually, this fertilizer is given to corn in the fall, and corn is planted in the spring.

Phosphorus chemical fertilizer is usually given before corn planting with tip tape or at the same time as corn planting, and nitrogen fertilizer is given during corn growth or at the same time as irrigation.

What are the disadvantages of weeds for corn?

Weeds are very harmful to corn, especially in the beginning and in the 3rd to 5th weeks of corn growth, it causes it to grow slowly and not produce good corn.

Cultivation of corn with band tape – Mehravand
Tips on corn cultivation with a plate tip tape

Pay attention to the seeds you plant in the ground and prepare the seeds modified to harvest a better crop.

In temperate mountainous regions, the first corn planting time is in May and the second planting is from late June to late July.

All fodder corn steps are done fully automatically with the machine. Therefore, it is one of the plants that does not have much trouble and effort for the farmer, and if you have a problem with irrigation, you can solve it by means of modern irrigation methods (drip and rain) (irrigation with a tape type plate), corn is one of the most profitable crops. that farmers can grow.

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