Female marking tape polyethylene pipe

Female marking tape polyethylene pipe

Due to price fluctuations, you should ask the price of the female marking tape of polyethylene pipe by phone the same day.

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Mehravand company’s polyethylene pipe marking tape is available in two colors, white and yellow. According to the standard of polyethylene pipes, the pipe specifications must be legibly engraved on the pipe, which can also be used for more effect.

The use of female marking tape and engraving of specifications on polyethylene pipes is mandatory according to the standards of polyethylene pipes.


The important thing about female branding tapes is that they must be indelible


Advantages of female brand tape polyethylene pipe
Its price is very affordable compared to jet printers
It is resistant to abrasion
It is sensitive to heat and is printed on the tube with a little heat
They are completely resistant to moisture
It can be erased and sealed after printing and engraving




What information is printed on polyethylene pipes by a female polyethylene marking tape?
Standard mark
standard number
Date of production of polyethylene pipe
Name of manufacturer
Diameter, thickness and pressure of polyethylene pipe
Type of consumption and application of pipes
Raw materials used in pipe production
Machine number and pipe production line
Technical features of polyethylene pipe marking tape
Has a bold, clear and sharp print
Suitable for low temperature printing
Suitable for high speed production lines
Has continuous printing, waterproof and resistant to wear and abrasion
Without the formation of suspended particles on the surface or the machine during printing
Suitable for any weather conditions

Colors and specifications

Available colors: white and yellow
Tape width: 9 mm
Length of each roll: 3% ± 1000 meters


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